Top 7 Must-Have Apps for Windows 8

windows8Microsoft is off to the races, accumulating an impressive lineup of some 200 Windows 8 apps. Although the quality is pretty good, there are just some apps that sparkle and shine more brilliantly than others. This top 7 list is all about the stars of the app world and the unique features they each bring to the user:

1.  Metro Twit

Why? One polished product. Super navigation and clean, unruffled look makes this app the best Twitter app for Windows 8.

metrotwit app windows 8

2.  FlipToast

Why? Fliptoast is the interactive and fun way to post to Facebook and Twitter. Instant notifications, Facebook birthday alerts, and more. Solid app.

fliptoast windows8

3.  USA Today

Why? USA today is the ultimate news and entertainment center. Find out who Tom Cruise is dating or delve deep into new technology breakthroughs

usa today windows 8 app

4.  Fruit Ninja

Why? The classic game from developer Half-Brick studios is ever so much fun on Windows 8. This is just one must-have in the app bag.



Why? If you ever get bored ( and chances are that you do), there is nothing like a little jokes and hilarity. however, steps up its game with articles and videos of the outrageous and totally insane…


6.  Music ( to be renamed Xbox Music)

Why? The folks at Microsoft really know how to design apps…the Windows maker may have the pressure of delivering top-notch apps to its own system, but Microsoft definitely delivered with the Music app… well organized, and showcases your collection while helping you discover the music world around you.


7.  Wikipedia

Why? Admit it. Some of us do our research papers and homework with the help of Almighty Wikipedia. Even of you are the top braniac, chances are Wikipedia will help you discover or learn more about everything.

wikipedia app for windows 8

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