Microsoft Makes ESPN on Xbox FREE for Limited Time

imageREDMOND—- Microsoft is conducting various free, limited time viewings of some of the most famous Xbox apps and services. This time, ESPN for Xbox is on the list. Xbox owners will be able to use ESPN for free on their Xbox, limited to this weekend only.

One of the most amazing aspects of ESPN on Xbox is the Split Screen, allowing dual viewing and instant pausing, rewinds, and forwards.Split Screen

ESPN  for Xbox also features an integrated scorecard, which is docked to the right side of the screen while you are watching sports on the left side of the screen.The scoreboard is super slick and well-designed… a few jabs of the Xbox controller reveals the latest scores for soccer, tennis, EURO Cup, and many other live events.Scoreboard, College Bowl Picks

Update: The  free limited-time viewing has ended. We will keep you posted if Microsoft makes any changes.

Get the latest coverage and review of ESPN for Xbox ,

All screenshots courtesy of Microsoft.


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