New Microsoft Website looks Like Apple Website ; To Launch Soon

An insider has just leaked  that Microsoft is planning to seriously overhaul their current Microsoft website to something completely…um…. “Apple-like” Microsoft is taking a page of of its rival’s playbook and making a super high resolution image the centerpiece for the website. You can preview the new website at

Just like Cupertino’s website, Microsoft’s website will feature smooth image transition and clean, clutter-free layout… not that Microsoft’s current website is too noisy… some fans are saying that the current website is much better than one to come…



Go ahead and compare… Below is Microsoft’s current website…. Let the comments fly and tell us which is the better design.




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2 thoughts on “New Microsoft Website looks Like Apple Website ; To Launch Soon

  1. For the people who keep snyiag they don’t like 8, or it’s slow or something, I’d like to tell you, to get on a nice huge monitor, with a high resolution, and open 8, and start browsing and using 8, for at least like 30 minutes or something, and if that computer is running Vista or 7, that’s better. THEN, what do you reckon of it? 8 is really a real kewl browser, *ahem* JUST LIKE Firefox and Safari, Chrome, etc. PRETTY excellent.

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