Troubling Windows 8 Bugs in Route to be Fixed

Update: Microsoft has now confirmed a fix for this troubling bug.

Users have been complaining of specific Windows 8 bugs. Granted, these bugs are expected throughout pre-release software but many users have been using Windows 8 Release Preview as if it were the real deal, giving the new OS primary use .Microsoft just fixed two of those troubling bugs just recently…. so it may had already fixed the problems that haunted users for days.

imageFirst, Windows expert Paul Thurrott voiced user’s complaints by publishing a “Broken Windows” post. Thurrott then asked for feedback to gauge the spread and breadth of the bugs. Users took to Twitter immediately… they made something very clear: these bugs were not only troubling but extremely wide-spread, crashing the entire system and erasing all unsaved work. Thurrott gathered the feedback and announced he will send back the data to Microsoft for a quick fix. It seems like the bugs are linked to imageInternet Explorer…something is forcing the browser to crash, and in the process, take everything down with it. Microsoft still is in the safe zone with the bugs… these things are expected liabilities so there is nothing to worry about. But if the Windows maker doesn’t focus, we may end up with a buggy version of Windows. Windows 7 was the same— the large number of beta testers allowed Microsoft to scout every possible bug…. we are now in that stage with Windows 8… but oh boy…. it’s a painful stage.

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