How To Submit your Blog on Technorati

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Difficulty:  Hard           Time: Considerable

Technorati is the world’s leading blog and website directory. There are several steps to submit your blog to their directory. Follow them carefully:

  1. Click on the Join link at the top right of the Technorati website image
  2. Fill out information to sign up: Make sure all the info you fill is correct and up to date   image
  3. Now Click Join button                                                                          image
  4. If you are sent a confirmation link via email, be sure to click on that email to confirm your subscription.
  5. Click on your username at the top right of the pageimage
  6. Scroll down until you see My claimed blogs”; Now Click on  Claim button as shown belowimage
  7. Now fill out your blog’s details. The most important part is your blog feed. Here’s how our site filled out the details. Make sure you add a valid blog feed url. image
  8. Now fill out the categories and tags that best represent your site. Complete everything on the page. Now click Update Site Informationimage
  9. You are all set. Now wait until Technorati sends you an email.
  10. Technorati will send you an email titled the following and looks just like this: This email contains your confirmation codeimageimage
  11. Copy the Claim Token in the Email: Every token is unique to every user
  12. Go to your blog and write a new Post. Then paste the Claim Token in it.  Be sure that the post has the claim token.
  13. If you get an email saying the following “Unfortunately, we have encountered a problem reading your site’s data.” Refresh or resync the feed for your blog.
  14. You should now get an email saying that Technorati has found your claim token. The email looks like this:image
  15. Now, you are awaiting Technorati’s final review of your site: Finally you get this email saying that your claim is completeimage
  16. Finally, your site will be on Technorati. The final result will be a claimed listing on Technorati along with the ranks for each of categories that your site is influential. image

Note: The Technorati website is property of Technorati, Inc. Screenshots of such do not indicate any ownership by Premier Microsoft or affiliation with Premier Microsoft.


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