How To Buy Headphones : Brands, Specs, and Tips

Top Brands

For headphones, there are only a couple of brands that really stand out. Ranked by popularity and sales.


Why Beats?  Stylish, durable headphones that don’t disappoint in audio quality.



Why Skullcandy? The Park City company designs all their headphones in-house and builds their own audio drivers. The result? The purest sound experience ever…


Soul by Ludacris



Why SOUL by Ludacris? Perhaps the most stylish and colorful headphones to grace the market, SOUL come with plenty of ear-popping bass…

Tips for Drivers

DriversFor drivers look for the following qualities:

  • Bigger drivers are better and produce better sound
  • Look for drivers made from reputable companies such as Sony, Skullcandy, Beats, and Sennheiser…
  • For example, a Sony 10mm driver is better than a no-brand 16mm driver

Tips for Cables

As far as cables go, look for the following qualities:

  • If possible, the cable should be DetachableScrew-in, thick, rubber TPE cable
  • The cable should be made out of rubber ( or other thick, tangle-free material )
  • If possible, the cable should be straight not at right angles
  • To prevent from bending, the cable should be coiled.
  • The cable should either plug in securely  or screw in
  • The end of the plug should be made of gold or silver

Tips for Cups ( Cans )

Cans or CupsFor cups ( also known as cans ), look for the following qualities:

  • For best fit, the the ear cups should be padded with leather or leatherette
  • Expensive versions, have articulated cups… which allows stereo to go to mono when the cups are swiveled

What do the Specs Mean

Impedance : Lower means that higher volumes can be reached on battery-powered electronics ( Most headphones have low 16-32 Ohms… higher 100-500 require power-heavy devices to get higher volumes)

Sensitivity: The sound pressure level produced in a quiet environment( This is a measure shows how loud the sound gets in a normal environment)

Frequency Response: Describes the range of sounds it can output ( Bigger ranges are better)

For headphones, there are three essential qualities you need to look for.

Tips for Sound & Audio Quality

Balance is Key

You may be hard-pressed to find headphones with good Treble. Most headphones have tons of bass that over-power the music…. Good headphones have plenty of treble to match the bass.

Crystal over Muddle

It goes without saying, but great sound quality means crystal sound. Don’t be fooled and get headphones with muddling bass… crisp vocals and crystal audio are more important than bass…

Buying Advice For Ear Buds

Types: On-ear vs. In-ear

On Ear


On-ear earphones are generally more:

  • comfortable
  • practical
  • better bass
  • with a wider range of frequencies

In Ear

In-ear earphones are generally more:

  • customizableimage
  • adjustable
  • channel treble better
  • lack bass
  • smaller drivers

Note:  Expensive in-ears are usually equal if not better to their open air counterparts.


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