Microsoft Demos Office 2013 on Windows 8 Tablets

Source: ZDnet

In a Microsoft Tech-Ed presentation, Microsoft has demoed the latest build of Office 15, the code name for the next-generation Office. To parallel with Windows RT tablets ( Windows 8 Tablets running on ARM), the Software Giant is naming the build “Office 2013 RT” …Director of Program Management Linda Averett demoed the next-gen Office on the Windows 8 tablet before the Tech-ed audience, showcasing Office 2013’s new Touch Mode and improved touch interaction. Microsoft released technical previews of Office 2013 to priviledged testers… many of whom have provided reliable screenshots. One good example is Windows guru Paul Thurrott, who took the liberty of publishing and explaining many of the new elements of Office 13, as he undertakes further technical testing.

Screenshots Credit: Paul Thurrott ( See Paul’s Post )





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