Xbox Takes Kinect to the “Impossible” Level

Alex Kipman, general manager, hardware incubation in Microsoft’s Interactive Business Unit, led the team that developed and built Kinect for Xbox 360. Never say never. Not to Alex, at least. The 32 year-old is hardly the veteran that the industry requires. Yet in just a few years. Alex Kipman has managed to take technology to the next level…and another dimension… one where we can’t see technology itself… all the while making Kinect for Xbox 360 a house-hold name.

“People haven’t realized that technology is actually luring them away from humanity,” said Kipman, now a general manager of hardware incubation in the Interactive Entertainment Business unit at Microsoft. “They have started to disappear into their devices, real life is passing them by and they don’t even know it! This marks the dawn of a new era, and it’s the key to getting us back to the human path. Allowing people to do what we do best; create, collaborate, play and love. People will once again enjoy the life that breathes all around them.

People are taking note of the young man’s accomplishments- Klipman recently received the highest technical award given by Microsoft… Technical Recognition Award for Outstanding Technical Leadership. Klipman is no one-hit wonder- he has led team through three successful tech ventures into the unknown, sometimes experimenting with untested technology to see where it leads.

“Alex has a certain naiveté about what’s not possible,” Loforte said. “Through his persistence, his passion and his positive attitude, he’s been able to make things happen that many thought were impossible.”

His favorite accomplishment on the Xbox team? Klipman doesn’t hesitate. Kinect is his first love. The breakthrough Xbox technology was a foray into the unknown… removing science to allow humans to interact with the experience.

“The reason I fell in love with this art form is because the only thing that holds you back is lack of imagination,” he said. “In physics there are laws you can’t bend. But in software, you can bend anything. So nothing is impossible.”

Source: Xbox Press, Microsoft Newsroom.

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