Apple Store Employees Check Out Latest Microsoft Store

It’s bewildering perhaps…but perhaps everybody will agree that this far exceeds the bounds and limits of competition. And maybe Apple is getting desperate. Just take a look at this picture: evidently, the Cupertino Giant commissioned a few of its store employees to give the latest Microsoft Store a “quick visit”…

So here are the facts. Microsoft has been scouring the country and establishing the Microsoft Store logo across the entire U.S. The Windows maker was opening its 18th retail store in Freehold, New Jersey. As things usually go, Microsoft opened its store with the usual pizzaz ( none other than Ceelo Green in concert) , imageinviting all consumers, far and near, to give the store a visit. For an unknown reason, Apple employees bought the “open-door” policy and strutted into the New Jersey…. They were still wearing their iconic Apple shirts, the distinctive war paint that characterizes the Apple side from its competitors.

But… apart from entering war territory, Apple employees were naively talking and hanging out when boom…. a regular Joe took a picture of them with his smartphone… ( perhaps an iPhone?)

Neither company has responded to the situation… and neither has issued statements.


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