How To Check if Your Computer is 64 Bit

 Troubleshoot and Fix your Problems Fast!

Difficulty: Very Easy   Time: Little

If you are installing a program or configuring software, it is sometimes necessary to check if your computer is 64 Bit. Following these directions carefully.

  1. Click  the “Start Button”image or the “WINDOWS” Key
  2. Begin by typing “System” in the search box at the bottom. When found, select “System”
  3. Now, in the resulting screen, look for a line with the words “System Type” , as shown in the screen below.image
  4. The System type tells you whether your computer is 64 Bit or 32 Bit. In this case, the system tells me my computer is 64 bit.image
  5. In general, 64 Bit systems are the best multi-purpose computers, equipped with HD displays and larger drives. 32 Bit systems excel at virtualization ( such as running an operating system in VirtualBox.)

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