Xbox 720 Rumored to Feature in-game Skype Integration

Microsoft’s next-generation console is rumored to feature in-game Skype integration. The lead came from a new job posting, in which the new Xbox is called the “ fundamental lynchpin” of Skype’s mission to conquer the entertainment living room. Here’s a screenshot of the Job Listing:


Microsoft is calling the software “Skype for Xbox”; according to the job listing, the new appointee “will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Skype experience on Xbox, and will be directly accountable for its market performance.

imageIt is clear that Microsoft is hard at work on Skype integration into Xboxwhat has yet to be revealed is whether the  highly-anticipated next-gen console will debut the new Skype features. The rumor says it will. Only 2013 will tell if that is the case.

Another probable scenario is an update to the current Xbox Dashboard… that would be a sweet deal- never have I looked more forward to beating my friend’s high scores and seeing them writhe in shame…all in HD…:)


Still, I believe Microsoft will do something a bit more dramatic with the 8.5 Billion-dollar worth Skype tech than just give me a chance to embarrass my friends. It’s clear from the job posting that the Xbox maker has big, big,big plans for Skype.


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