Microsoft Unveils Xbox Music

imageMicrosoft has unveiled Xbox Music, the music streaming service that will replace Zune. Not to worry .So far it seems that Microsoft kept all the stuff we love about the Zune and gave the software a well-deserved make-over. Xbox Music is expected to launch soon.


An extensive music collection- 30 million songs- makes Xbox Music the top destination for discovering new music. All your favorites- from the teen-punk craziness of Ke$ha to the smooth rapping of Drake. And the best part is that Xbox Music excels at highlighting new singles or spotlighting a recent album. This is the ultimate destination for the music lover.

The Friends section gives you a quick-glance view of the tunes your friends have been hearing. The dashboard displays all of your personal music collection by most recently played. To help you discover top albums, Xbox Music features Most Played, a grid of the most played songs around the world.


Xbox Music directly integrates into your Windows 8 tablets, allowing you to wireless play music from your tablet to Xbox or perhaps buy a new song on the TV and then take your tablet to explore your new tune. Your Windows 8 tablet lets you download, preview, and explore music your way. image


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