Microsoft to Bring Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Rhapsody and Paramount Movies to Xbox

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In the ever-increasing effort of turning Xbox into the ultimate media service, Microsoft has unveiled some 30 different entertainment partners coming to Xbox in the coming months. At E3 2012, Microsoft revealed that Comedy Central and Nickelodeon will be coming to Xbox in U.S. markets only.

colbert reort-xboxComedy Central houses all the big names in comedy such as The Daily Show with John Stewart, the Colbert Report, and South Park.

Nickelodeon brings tons of programming and TV shows aimed at kids ages 10 and up.

A real treat is Paramount Movies for Xbox footlose-xboxNow Xbox users will get to see HD movies from Paramount Pictures

Here is the full list of Xbox partners coming in the near future:

Absolute Radio – U.K.
o Ameba TV – Canada, U.S.
o BreakMedia – Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, U.K., U.S.
o Comedy Central Stand Up – U.S.
o Comoyo – Denmark, Norway, Sweden
o Corus Entertainment’s Franklin the Turtle – Canada
o GameSpot TV – Australia, Canada, U.K., U.S.
o Headweb – Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
o Indie Flix – U.S.
o Machinima – All Xbox LIVE markets
o Napster – Germany, U.K.
o Nickelodeon – U.S.
o Paramount Movies – U.S.
o Picturebox – U.K.
o Quickflix – Australia, New Zealand
o Rakuten ShowTime – Japan
o Revision3 – Canada, U.K., U.S.
o Rhapsody – U.S.
o RTL XL – Netherlands
o Slacker Radio – Canada, U.S.
o SnagFilms – U.S.
o Terra (Sunday TV) – Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico
o The AOL On Network – Australia, Canada, Netherlands, U.K., U.S.
o The Weather Channel – U.S.
o The Whistle – U.S.
o TOU.TV – Canada
o TV3 – Spain
o Twitch TV – U.S.
o Univision – U.S.
o Wuaki – Spain
o Youzee – Spain


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