Top 5 Ways to Increase Traffic to your Blog Guaranteed!

  1. Submit all your articles to StumbleUponimageyou may have never heard of this service, but StumbleUpon is a leading article discoverer with daily users in the millions. Submitting your best to their site will bring views instantly.
  2. Use FeedBurner for RSS Feeds  although bought by Google, FeedBurner is still the best RSS Feed available. An RSS allows distribution of all your posts in a syndicated manner, updating your feed as your content changes. In addition many websites and SEO resources require an RSS, so it’s just good practice to have one.
  3. Tweet all your Posts –The idea is to refresh people’s imageminds… as if to say, “I’m still here”Of course, don’t go crazily tweeting everything. A good technique is to tweet an article you wrote some days ago. Then, in a week, tweet an article you wrote a week ago and so on. Keep it fresh.
  4. Use Pingomatic to send pings to Search EnginesPingomatic is an easy imagesite that allows you to send pings for freeto search engines and blog directories. Simply type your Blog info and you are all set.
  5. Post Facebook statuses about your posts- Everybody uses Facebook. This imageis a great way to spotlight your hard work. The trick is the way you do it- if you post a lot of statuses about your blog, people will block you or perhaps unfriend you. A better strategy is to open a Facebook page completely dedicated to your blog where you can post your blog’s posts, links, or even images.

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