Bing Officially Unveils New Look

imageFirst announced at the Bing Search Summit, Microsoft has officially released the new and clean look for its search engine Bing. Key among the new features is direct Facebook integration, a clean UI, and better search results.

New Features-  Snapshots

A new ( and very useful feature ) is Snapshot, a small pane that provides maps and localized information for restaurants and places.


New Feature…. Facebook integration

Perhaps the biggest feature that the new Bing is sporting is deep ( and we mean, deep) Facebook. There are “People Who Know” and “Friends Activity”

PEOPLE WHO KNOW:                              FRIENDS WHO MIGHT KNOW

imagefacebook intg- bing

Better Search Results…

A search engine is all about the results. The new Bing doesn’t disappoint.

For instance, a search for  Apple gives the following results:


Then, a search for apples  gives the following results


According to Microsoft, Bing is using a new algorithm and data structure to deliver better results based upon the query that users type. Perhaps the most beautiful thing is that the new robust results are thrown to the backdrop of a clean and beautiful UI. Well done Microsoft!!!

Give Bing a spin and tell us what you think!


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