Windows 8 Release Preview: Ultimate Guide to What’s New (VIDEO)

imageMicrosoft has just blown off the covers of its pride and joy, the Windows 8 Release Preview. After three months of work and testing, the Software giant made the the build available yesterday, May 31 ( a whole week ahead of schedule.) We have made an exclusive video review of the Release Preview.

Exclusive HD Review brought to you by Premier Microsoft

If you interested to learn what’s new about the Windows 8 Release Preview, you come to the right place.

What’s New in Windows 8

Lots of Personalization


In the Consumer Preview, folks were dismayed at the little options available. Things have now changed with the Release Preview, which features 25 personalization color themes… almost too much!


There is one new lock screen picture ( see right). Other than that, things were kept the same. The Account tile has the Camera option in a different place.

image image

Plenty of Apps ( Good Apps… BTW)

imageQuality seems to emanate from the Release Preview. This is no truer in the apps. From staples like Fruit Ninja to Wikipedia and the CW. The apps have a feel of grandness; bugs are quickly fixed and UI issues are updated.

Here are some of the best:

Wikipedia– all that you love about Wikipedia in a simple reading app. Text is clear, imagepictures and photos render as if you were on the website. Good navigation and side-scrolling is also present.

imageCW another fantastic app for Windows 8. It features a great layout with all your favorite CW shows. The app delivers interview, recaps, and rewinds for any show you chose.

See more.


Free Books– a cute and simple application that delivers thousands of free books and the the tap of a mouse.

Cleaning it Metro-Style

In the Release Preview of Windows 8, all Desktop apps ( Wordpad, Paint) and the Windows Explorer are now much cleaner to look at. This is because all the UI has gone a Metro do-over. A little thing, of course, but appearance plays a key factor.



Fine Tuning App Previews

The App Previews have gotten a huge overhaul in the Release Preview. Significant changes include bug fixes, stability improvements, and UI enhancements. Here are some noteworthy changes:

People App is much faster and streams data much faster.


Mail App has clearer and more intuitive navigation: Mail is sorted by folder ( Ex: Inbox)


Music App is all about the music experience. Big and bold graphics of trending and popular music meet the user. No more ads!!!


Preventing Accidents…?

As our team reviewed the Release Preview, we found a lot of instances where the OS would help us make the right choice. Here are some examples:



Stay tuned for more Windows 8 news and updates

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