IE10 in Windows 8 will Support Flash

imageAlthough Microsoft had previously detailed that it would remove support for Adobe Flash in IE10, the Software giant has pulled back on its intentions to kill Flash from IE10. As first revealed by Windows expert Paul Thurrott,  Microsoft has decided to build Flash right into the source code of IE10, allowing for a secure and safe experience whenever Flash content is played. The Windows maker still argues that by integrating Flash into IE, consumers will still get a reliable and trusted environment where they don’t have to worry about plug-ins or malicious code running arbitrarily. Here’s what a Microsoft statement reads:

Today, video on the web is predominantly Flash-based. While video may be available in other formats, the ease of accessing video using just a browser on a particular web site without using Flash is a challenge for typical consumers. Flash does have some issues, particularly around reliability, security, and performance. We work closely with engineers at Adobe, sharing information about the issues we know of in ongoing technical discussions. Despite these issues, Flash remains an important part of delivering a good consumer experience on today’s web.

IE10 will detect sites and designate them as “Trusted”; the browser will then run the Flash for that site. If the site is not “Trusted”, the browser will ignore the Flash and render the site without it.


It seems like the best of both worlds- movie-philes will still be able to get  their favorite TV shows, artisans can still experience a rich, immersive sites, and, most importantly, children can still run havoc with your computer while playing Phineas & Ferb games ! Perfect! Flash on IE10 Metro browser will still be a reliable and safe environment for consumers.


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