Bing Gets a Cleaner Look and Feel: New Features Unveiled


Microsoft just took off the wraps of the new look of Bing, its search engine. Competing with the clean design of Google, Bing now sports a prettier look and feel.









New features have also been added including a streamlined view of Facebook likes and repositioning of the Adsimage. The spotlight is now on the content you are searching and less on the insignificant blue-links that we all hate.



As you can see on the shot to the down below, drilling deep into specific parts of websites are more streamlinedimage.

Still the clean look still packs dense info, including Recent Tweets for your search term if applicable.

Bing improved for its Images services as well. Features such as the image roll and related images are still present, but it is now presented it a much more appealing layout.image

Give Bing a spin and tell us what you think


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