Microsoft Launches SkyDrive Apps for PC and Mac

skydriveMicrosoft has released SkyDrive apps for both PC and Mac. These small 5MB clients quickly and efficiently install — within no time, the SkyDrive apps will be installed in your computer. The apps work on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8; however, Microsoft did not neglect the Apple side and does support Mac installation.

Download the SkyDrive app for Mac and PC right now!

For both Mac and PC, the SkyDrive app will modify your Finder and Explorer respectively…thus, it is now easier than ever to upload your computer files to SkyDrive. Simply drag and drop the file to the SkyDrive folder in your Explorer or Finder.

Here are some screenshots of the new app:



In addition, SkyDrive website saw some major modifications:

  • Paid Storage( 7 GB free, + 20 GB for $10 a year, +50 GB for $25 year, and +100GB for $50 a year) Note: For current SkyDrive users, upgrade your 7GB to 25 GB for free.  A limited time offer.skydrive_storageskydrive_upgrade
  • Remote Fetching: You can now fetch files from your computers remotely

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