Opinion: Chrome and Android are Rip-offs

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project...

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project until March 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s sad to see that companies are depleting their own resources and abandoning the tried-and-true process of innovation. For Google, the company that rests on the work of thousands of web advertisers, this couldn’t be more apparent. Not to say, that I believe companies should reinvent the wheel every time… a little imitation is always good and saves you time, of course. But Google has taken things to a new, disgusting level… they have built impenetrable computing platforms that are all based on open-source and free code.The Search Giant gets around the law by licensing its platforms for nothing… from Android to Chrome, Google licenses their platforms for free and thus is able to obey the letter of the law ( not charging for open-source software) but, sadly, it gains an unfair advantage, hurts its competitors, and disobeys the spirit of the law…

that is, open-source software should not be used commercially… and most importantly, Google has literally built gargantuan computing platforms on the free work of others… it’s like if Apple were scouring the Internet for phone blue-prints or Microsoft started copy-pasting operating system code from Wikipedia…

Logo image created by Matt_Stang for the Andro...

Logo image created by Matt_Stang for the Android Open Source Project and XDA community. Source: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=545151 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is sickening, disgusting, and horrific…at least Apple does apply innovation to their products- they may mimic previous designs, but the Cupertino giant does not grab random code from the Internet.

Neither should Google. If they want to be taken as a serious competitor…an innovator… then they need to quit that pathetic open-source software venture. Maybe it’s too much to expect for Google to do anything about the matter. But… if they want to retain a “legitimate company” standing in my mind…they will have to stop this nonsense and become innovators like the rest of the tech industry. After all, technology is all about innovation.

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