Microsoft Posts Record Quarterly Revenue: Windows Grows, Office Strong


The Software Giant had some impressive numbers for the quarter ending on March 31. Not only were Office 2010 and Enterprise products as strong as ever, but the Windows division experienced 6% increase in revenue and impressive figures in profit, as well…beating analyst predictions that OS would suffer yet another bad financial quarter.

  • Windows 7 now installed on 40% of corporate PCs worldwide
  • Microsoft’s Servers and Tools increased in revenue by 14%
  • Online Services experienced 6 percent spike over a year
  • System Center grew 20%
  • Entertainment & Device Division suffered 16% decrease

Here are the figures. Try telling anybody that those numbers don’t mean Microsoft is doing something right. Dollar bills don’t generate by themselves…

Net Profit of 5.11 Billion

Revenues of 17.41 Billion

Windows: 4.62 Billion in Revenue(4% increase)

Server and Tools: 4.57 Billion in Revenue ( 14% increase)

Business( Office): 5.81 Billion in Revenue ( 9% increase)

windows8-screenshot2012 may be the year Microsoft rebounds. While the company has always been steady and strong, Apple has been charming consumers for quite some time now. Microsoft products are selling…. Windows 8 would exponentially increase Windows revenue ….throw in the release Office 15 and you have a pretty astounding year for Microsoft.


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