Relax: Only 4 Versions of Windows 8 will Launch

windows 8That’s right. Take a deep breath. Microsoft won’t screw up this year’s launch of Windows 8. Say goodbye to Professional, Basic, Starter, and that consumer lunacy. Not only was it craziness to potential buyers, but Microsoft was hardly helping itself when it claimed it has mastered branding.

Microsoft on Tuesday revealed that Windows 8 will ship in the following versions( each version will have unique features that appeal to the widest audience possible.)

Windows 8 ON InTEL and AMD  x86/x64

For Windows 8 on Intel/ AMD, there is only Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.

Windows 8: This is the version for the consumer. The everyday Joe will get a nice PC with a simple software SKU…Windows 8…nothing more. This version includes the Windows Store, Connected Standby, ISO/VHD mounting, and VPN client.


Windows 8 Pro: This version is aimed at the small business. However, enthusiasts and geeks can consider it as Windows 8 Ultimate…It has the most features of an x86/64 PC. All features of the Windows 8 version are incorporated but it has also has a few key niceties… including Boot from VHD, BitLocker, and Remote Desktop (host).

Windows 8 ON ARM Architecture (WOA)

Windows RT: Also known as WOA. This is the name for Windows 8 on the ARM processor. Microsoft partners are currently working on ARM PCs and ARM tablets. Anything running on the ARM processor will be called Windows RT. Windows RT includes and looks like Windows 8 ( it also features the Desktop), but Desktop applications cannot be installed or run on it. Surface is going to be running Windows RT. Windows RT cannot be bought… it is already pre-installed for your device.

Although the fourth and final version is technically  a version… it will be distributed in volume licensing

Windows 8 for EnterpriseThis is the last and final version of Windows 8. Windows 8 for Enterprise will be provided as part of the volume licensing programs for businesses. This version is expected to launch with some impressive management and mobility features, especially geared for businesses.


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