How to Compare Processors


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Comparing processors is an efficient way of narrowing down your computer choices and pinpointing the PC that is right for you.

In order to compare processors, follow these steps.

  1. Learn the difference between Processor Brands
  2. Intel processors are best for general consumer and business use. They are the most reliable.
  3. Intel line of processors:
    • Core Family: Most reliable. Most Highly recommended processors ( Core i3, Core i5, Core i7)
    • Xenon Family: For servers and businesses
    • Atom Family: For cheap netbooks
  4. AMD processors are best for gamer laptops and are generally very poor on consumerlaptops.
  5. AMD Line of Processors
  • VISION Series: For general PCs; Home use
  • Opteron Series: For business needs
  • FirePro Series: For gaming/business needs
  • Radeon Series: For hard-core gaming

6.  Learn about Clock Speed: the higher the clock speed, the faster the processor

7.  Learn about Cores: the more cores in a processor, the more performance you will get. Thus, given the same clock speed, a dual-core processor is slower than a quad-core.

8.  Learn about Hyper-threading: allows several processing threads to each core… processors with Hyper-threating are the most efficient and fast


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