How to Save Laptop Battery Life

Updated 2012

In order to save laptop battery life, follow these steps:

Lower Screen Brightness

  1. Click  the battery icon in your taskbar as shown.image
  2. Click the Adjust screen brightness.
  3. Now move the slider completely to the left endimage
  4. You have now brought your screen brightness to the minimal setting.
  5. Click the Up Arrow in the Tray area, as shown. Right-click  and close unnecessary programs.image
  6. If you are more comfortable with Windows processes, go to Task Manager and click End Task to close all programs that you know are unnecessary…

Lower Desktop Visual Effects

Next, you need to decrease some of the flashy Aero  UI elements in your Desktop.

  1. Simply Right-click the Desktop and go to Personalizeimage

       2. Scroll down and select the Windows Basic theme  from the Basic and High Constrast Themes image

  1. The computer will now be using the Windows Basic theme, thus saving battery life for more important tasks…

      4.   You can also fine-tune exact changes: go to Performance Options  and select each visual effect you want to disable…


Turn of Wi-Fi

  1. You should also try to turn off your Wi-Fi.  Each PC has a different way of doing it.  In Windows 8, bring the Charms bar, go to Settings, select your Wi-fi, and switch Air Plane Mode to on. image

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