Microsoft Sees Stock Rise Second only to Apple

3848_webNobody would have predicted it. Not even Microsoft fanboys who applaud every move the Software giant makes. Microsoft, however, has seen unprecedented growth in stock…

Those days seem to be over… investors are speaking up about the excitement that Microsoft stock is generating. One huge factor is the launch of Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone.

The upcoming Windows 8 release is also driving excitement in the investor frontwin-8 start screen. As Microsoft prepares the biggest OS overhaul since Windows 95, investors on jumping on the train and making the MSFT trade symbol one to reckon with.

Financial growth has been steady and incremental over the past few weeks. The Windows maker had great stock performance in this quarter alone and was second only to Apple in growth.

It was high-time for the software company to experience some positive growth. Microsoft stock had remained as steady as its Office cash-cow… profitable? yes! But hardly forward-going to say the least.

The stock price has remained at a steady 32.26 with a Trefis estimate of over 37. Consultants and investors are redrawing their predictions… estimating Microsoft will have a terrific year with Windows 8 and take their Windows Phone to consumer hands.


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