Windows 8 Consumer Review Comprehensive Review Part 2

windows 8In the second part of this review, our team will scrutinize the stuff that can really make or break an OS… the browser, drivers,  and security.

Did you miss the first part of the Windows 8 review… hungry for part 2? Read on!

Browser: Loving IE10

Improved Speed and Standards

ie-10 review browser performanceWhether you are loading several tabs or downloading the latest patch, IE10 speed is amazing. Definitely on par with IE9, Windows 8’’s new browser not only reiterates… it innovates. An improved rendering engine with more standards-compatibility translates into faster and more reliable site rendering.


ie-10 review browser performance acid3We tested IE10 through rigorous three fold procedure:


All our measurements were done five times and then averaged. The math stands with us… IE10 is a tech beast.

JavaScript Benchmark:
  • (Sunspider)- 455.1m/s Avg. [Desktop]; 268.8m/s[Metro]
  • (Acid3)-  100/100 [Desktop]; 100/100 [Metro];

CSS Benchmark:

  • (Non-Troppo CSS DOMs)- 10.6 m/s [Metro]; 10.1m/s[Desktop];

Overall Standards Compliance

  • (Acid3)-  100/100

Drivers: Easy, Peasy

windows 8 installingInsert a device into your Windows 8 PC…and the OS locates and installs the appropriate driver. We tried this life-saving feature in a couple of ways… we first inserted a Microsoft Wheel Optical Mouse… a few seconds later Windows had installed the necessary drivers.











The experience of adding devices is also very streamlined and enjoyable. Within PC settings, Windows clearly shows you the devices you computer has installed ( for us “techies”, it is the consumer front-end of Device Manager.)

Security: Loving the Lock

Action Center-windows8In this version of Windows, Action Center returns for a center-stage appearance.





Automatic Maintenance: Perhaps the best improvement is an automatic maintenance handler that schedules and runs PC maintenance.windows8-maintenance

Windows Defender: Defender is back..the lone security wolf of Vista has made another appearance and this time it trimmed and slimmed itself into a beautiful and powerful anti-malware client.


Notice it looks like Microsoft Security Essentials…

Windows SmartScreen: Another great addition to Windows security is SmartScreen. Originally developed for Internet Explorer, SmartScreen has proven effective in detecting and analyzing online threats. What a joy it finally joined the Windows family!



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