The New iPad: A Billion Problems

Apple’s newest product, the anticipated “iPad 3” (even though it has been named by Apple as only the “new iPad”), has already been released. This is not the first time that the iPad has experienced horrific problems… the iPad 2 had   faulty battery and heating problems. And with the new iPad release, more complaints about the iPad have come forth. Here is a brief rundown of the complaints:

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase


The iPad’s battery is very slow to charge–it takes nearly six hours to charge completely. And if it is used while charging, the iPad hardly even charges. The on-screen battery indicator also is not accurate as it continues to charge for about an hour after the indicator  reports 100% charge.


The new iPad’s Wi-Fi’s capabilities seem to be lacking when compared to its predecessor. Weak reception has been reporting by many users.


The new iPad is said to heat to 113 degrees Fahrenheit when running certain applications, and it can heat up to 116 degrees when plugged in.

The underside of a 64 GB iPad.Construction

The new iPad’s construction is said to be more delicate than the iPad 2, and a test has shown that more damage was incurred by the iPad 3 than the iPad 2 when dropped from the same height.


Many Apple fans expected Apple’s personal assistant on the iPad, which was included on the iPhone 4S. Siri was not included on the iPad 3.


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