Report: Windows 8 to ship in October

According to a recent Bloomberg insider report, Microsoft may be able to ship the heavily-anticipated OS before the holidays. The Software Giant usually takes a very rigorous and strict schedule towards its software… it seems that Windows 8 will be no 8

After the launch of the new iPad, it’s more critical than ever for Windows 8 to come to market quickly… if indeed wants a an epic show-down with the Apple iPad.

“If they miss the September-October time frame, they’re going to be stuck without being able to ship anything in 2012,”said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at Gartner Inc. “The last thing Microsoft wants to have is a situation where there are no compelling Windows tablets at a time when the new iPad looks like it’s going to be a good seller for the holidays.”

In previous public posts, the Windows maker has made it clear that it will ship regular Intel/AMD PCs at the same time as the newer ARM devices and laptops…

“Our collective goal is for them to ship at the same time,” he said in an interview last month. “I wouldn’t be saying it’s a goal if I didn’t think we could do it.” – Steven Sinofsky

So when Windows 8 is good to go, all of Windows 8 will ship.

Windows 8_ Charms

According to the report, Microsoft will have 40 Intel machines and devices from 5 different ARM manufacturers.

The only delay for Windows 8 would be its ARM devices… if Redmond wants to get out in time, they need to put the ARM stuff on overdrive.

The OS still need polish… the Consumer Preview still has its flaws. One thing we know for sure…Microsoft understands how important the iPad showdown will be….the Windows team is working around-the-clock to get Windows 8 out the door and into the hands of consumers…asap…and October is the last bell…


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