Top Spin 4 Comprehensive Game Review

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Top spin 4


Genre: Simulation

Players: 1- 4

HD: Up to 1080p

3D: Yes

File Save: Yes

ESRB Rating:

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Total Score : StarStarStarStar(Amazing)

Official Screenshots

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Details for Xbox Live

Online : 2-4 Players

Game Downloads: Yes


Developer:  Take-Two Interactive ( 2K Sports) / in association with 2K Czech

Graphics: StarStarStarStar

Most player models are spot-on. A few are sometimes less than perfect… but nothing major. The environments, the areas, and courts are fabulous.


The gameplay is what sells this game. A delight to play….easy controls allow quick learning for the novice. Extensive career game. Fun exhibition modes. Controls respond quickly. The game as expected. No quirks.


Actual gameplay has great voice acting and each match have superb ambience. What is less than inspiring is the absence of a good soundtrack  ( there is one only one cheesy song that replays forever)

Lasting Appeal StarStarStarStar

Top Spin 4 is challenging enough to give you plenty of gameplay to last a long time. Still tennis is not exactly the most profound game… some creativity on part of the developers would have been nice…more game content downloads, and great customization for player models could be improved.

Presentation StarStarStarStarStar

The menus are easy to understand and well designed. It’s easy to jump into your favorite game mode. Top Spin 4 shines with its realistic tennis arenas…they show plenty of thought and design. Pre-game cut scenes do plenty towards the presentation, making Top Spin 4 a very well balanced and well-designed game.


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