Microsoft Fixes three Windows 8 Bugs via Windows Update

The Windows-maker is hardly standing still. After a successful release of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Microsoft is taking out the tools and inspecting the beta for any bugs or malfunctions.

As part of their global patch fixes every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft has released 3 important updates for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

The first update is Update for Windows 8 Consumer Preview (KB2680330). This update will fix the telemetry data within Windows 8, ensuring that accurate performance tracking will occur within the Windows Store.

The second update is Update for Windows 8 Consumer Preview (KB2683430). This update fixes the bug that crashes the Windows Shell, enabling you to launch an app from the App Tile in the Start Screen. In addition, the bug fix, will handle app suspension and previously launched apps with better consistency, allowing you to launch apps easily.

The third and final update is a fix to the much-improved .NET Framework 4.5 ( which has yet to be released officially). The update will correct and prevent a situation where certain apps fail to start after having installed the Consumer Preview for several days.

The beauty of this is the fact that Redmond was able to deliver the updates via Windows Update, a seamless and efficient process that only makes the Consumer Preview more robust.


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