How to Erase and Reset a Zune HD

 Troubleshoot and Fix your Problems Fast!

Difficulty: Moderately Easy        Time: Little to None

In order to erase and reset a Zune HD, follow these steps.

Warning: This will erase all contents on your Zune HD player. To reset your Zune without deleting any of its contents, follow this tutorial.

  1. Hold the Power Button on your Zune HD for 30 seconds       zune hd
  2. The Zune will now restart….
  3. BEFORE THE ZUNE WHITE LOGO APPEARS, quickly press and hold the Media Button and the Home Button.
  4. Your Zune will now show a graphic roughly as the followingzune-hd
  5. Connect your Zune to your PC
  6. The Zune software will start automatically
  7. A Required Update screen will flash, as shown below: image
  8. Click Accept
  9. An Update in Progress screen will now showzune hd1
  10. After a few minutes, you will get a Successful Update screen. Click Finishimage
  11. You have now successfully erased all Zune data, settings, and files… your device has been returned to factory settings and the latest update has been applied.
  12. Your device should now be functioning normally.

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