Halo Reach Comprehensive Game Review



Genre: Shooter

Players: 1- 4

Co-op: 2-4

HD: Up to 1080p(scaled)

3D: Yes

Rating: Mature

Button Layouts

Default Button Layout


RT– Fire                                RS– Line of Sight

LT– Grenades                      LS– Move

RB– Melee Attack               D-Pad– Night Vision/ Team Chat

LB– Equipment                   X– Reload, Use (Action)

Y– Swap Weapons              B– Swap Grenades

A– Jump

Details for Xbox Live

Online: 2- 16 players Content Download: Yes

File Sharing: Yes       Voice: Yes


Developer: Bungie Studios       Release Year: 2010

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Learn more.

Halo Reach Manual and Resources

Game Manual

Official Game Manual

Graphics: StarStarStarStarStar

Attention to detail. Eye-popping colors and textures. Rich and expansive environments. Rock-solid frame rate.


Immersive single-player campaign. Powerful story that drives the game through and through. Not to mention those crazy fights with friends in the game’s multiplayer mode. Feels a bit too one dimensional. .


The softly dramatic orchestral score give rise to pretty suspenseful music. Not to mention the great sound effects, and stupendous voice acting.

Lasting Appeal StarStarStarStarStar

Plenty of content here. Tons of map packs, a rich multiplayer environment, hearty customization, and a plethora of game modes and types.

Presentation StarStarStarStarStar

Graphics top notch of course. The menu is impressively slick. Beautiful cut scenes. Looks like the game it plays.


editor's choice game award

best shooter game award[8]














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