Foxconn and Apple: The Cost of the iPhone

Foxconn is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, and even though it is based in Taiwan, it does most of its business  on mainland China. Though it manufactures products for other companies, it is most famous for its partnership with Apple.

Foxconn manufacturers iPods, iPhones, and iPads, and many of the workers that manufacture them work for incredibly small wages. The wages are so small that it would take three months for one worker to afford an iPhone that they manufactured.

Foxconn has also been accused of not having a decent working environment for their employees. Many employees live in small dorms which they share with many others. Many factories also have workweeks lasting over 60 hours. Foxconn factories also have a history of accidents, and many workers have become ill as a result of some of these accidents.

Eighteen workers have committed suicide in the past, and many others have threatened to do so. Even with these conditions, many other Chinese people are waiting in line to work at the Foxconn factories. Most of these workers are from poor families, and they must work to be able to keep themselves and their families alive.

Apple has been criticized many times for their partnership with Foxconn, but Apple shows no sign of terminating the partnership. Apple makes nearly $110 billion a year, and most of that revenue is derived from the products that Foxconn makes for Apple.


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