Windows 8 Consumer Preview: (Comprehensive Review) Part 1

So. The Windows 8 Consumer is now here. Needless to say, all of the world has blown up in animated conversation over Microsoft’s fresh new OS.. .From just looking at this image, it’s easy to see why Windows 8 is a revolutionary experience, a true reimagining of Windows.Windows8-Start Screen

For some of you guys, installing Windows 8 was simply out of the question. The fact that only clean-installs and partition installs are supported made you think too much about your precious data over the goodness of Windows 8.

Never fear. Our editors have been scurrying over the Microsoft’s Metro goodness in every form factor and possible scenario. We wanted to grant you, the reader, the most comprehensive overview of Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Our team installed Windows 8 using Virtual Box, and then got down and dirty to partition our hard drives for a native install.

Windows 8_ Charms

In Part 1 of this review, we will expound the  few things that stood out: From improved performance, faster more fluid animations and refined features, Microsoft really polished this beta.

Note: All screenshots taken by the Premier Microsoft team.

Rock-Solid Performance

It Simply Doesn’t Go Down

Windows 8 handles as you would expect. Doesn’t mean Microsoft OS will fly at 20,000 feet, but throw some seriously demanding computational work, launch your favorite graphics software, or just jam to the tune of thousands of your MP3s… you can expect the operating system to orchestrate all your tasks in seamless and easy fashion.

Windows8-Start Screen1 We first tested the OS via virtualization….result? Not one single crash. Next came the hard part. How would Microsoft’s operating system perform with a native partition install- even better… we have yet to see a crash of any kind. Time will tell- but it’s hard to break an OS that has the breakthrough tech of the 21st century and the sound, successful performance code of Windows 7 and Windows XP.

A Love Letter to Multitasking

Equally impressive is the solid multitasking features. We’re not talking about a popular tablet with a Home Button that if double-clicked shows you a string of apps that are running.

Windows 8_ Switcher UIWindows 8 is a love-letter to multi-tasking. Microsoft introduced the Switcher UI, allowing easy one-click access to any running apps.

I Just Love That Feature…

Improved Task Manager

It’s sad. I hate to admit it. But, a lot of core computer functionality has been missing in Windows for years. Case in point, the Start-up programs. If you didn’t want to download a trashy third-party utility, then your only hope was to navigate through NT-era dialogs. Not so anymore with Windows 8. The Task Manager now features a Start Up functionality, allowing folks to monitor Start-up programs and the impact those programs are having on PC performance…. beautiful work, Microsoft!

Windows 8 Screenshots

Finally I know my misspellings…

I know it sounds strange. But one of the top feature requests for the Windows operating system is a system-wide spell check. That day has come. Windows users can now be overjoyed to see the infamous red squiggle throughout their system… however, if you are posting a Tweet somewhere on the web or perhaps just typing reminders on Notepad, Windows will now spell-check on a system-wide basis… it doesn’t matter if it’s a Tweet, a Facebook Share, or a Bing Search, the OS will now spell check it finds… amazing!

Aren’t Those Apps Pretty

Yep. They really are. Microsoft really let the development juices flow this time around. Forget those trashy Headlines apps or the quirky Socialite( those apps were created by college interns)…Windows8_Apps instead, the Windows Store is populated with tier-one apps of the highest level. From News and Dictionary, to Games and Mail, it’s all there… and it is just getting better.

Windows 8

Tune in  for the second part of this review to find the rating we gave Windows 8.


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