How to Install Windows 8 on Virtual Box

 Troubleshoot and Fix your Problems Fast!

Difficulty: Moderately Hard        Time: Considerable

In order to install Windows 8 on VirtualBox, follow these steps. It’s best to install the Windows Consumer Preview, as it has less bugs than the Developer Preview.

  1. Log in into your PC.
  2. Click Start image_thumb1
  3. Open your preferred browser.
  4. Download and Install VirtualBox.
  5. Open Virtual Box
  6. Click New  in the upper left hand corner, as shown below.image
  7. The Create New Virtual Machine Wizard will appear. Click Next.
  8. The Wizard will ask for the OS Name and Type. Note: You can choose whatever name. Make sure the name is specific. Specify 32-bit if your PC is 32 bit. Then, Click Next.image
  9. Specify the Memory for the OS. Make sure you have sufficient to run both your current OS and the new OS.   image
  10. You will now be asked what kind of format you want for Windows 8. Select VDI as shown. Click Next. image
  11. This will open the Virtual Disk Creation Wizard. Click Next
  12. Then, choose Fixed Size in storage details. image
  13. Select a good size for the hard drive capacity. For Windows 8, you need at least 20GB or higher.  Click Nextimage
  14. VirtualBox will now give you a Summary of the Virtual Hardisk. Click Create. image
  15. Now VirtualBox will now give a Summary of the Virtual Machine. Click Create.
  16. VirtualBox will now begin to create the virtual machine. You should see a progress bar of some kind.
  17. Next, go to Settings and make the following changes: Settings>Storage>IDE Controller>Empty>Attributes>Choose a virtual CD/DVD file. Choose the Windows 8 Consumer Preview .iso that you downloaded via Microsoft.image
  18. In Settings>System, Enable IO/APIC, and adjust Base Memory for optimal performance if necessary. Enable Absolute Pointing Device.image
  19. In Settings>Display, go to the Video tab and adjust the Video Memory if necessary. Also enable 3D Acceleration and 2D Video Acceleration.image
  20. In Audio,  make sure that the Audio Controller  is the right one on your PC.
  21. Run the OS. Make any adjustments as is deemed necessary for optimal performance.

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