Nokia Lumia 900

Bottom Line

A luxurious feel and clean sophisticated lines, the Nokia Lumia 900 says it all.

Looks, snappy performance, gorgeous Gorilla Glass Screen, 4G LTE

Decent front camera, No expandable memory

Nokia-Lumia-900-ATT_thumbThe Specs

Camera: 8 MP Camera ( Carl Zeiss Optics)

Screen: Gorilla Glass AMOLED ClearBlack capacitive touchscreen

Connectivity Speed: 4G LTE

Front Camera: 1 MP front camera

Battery : 7 Hours/ 16 Days

Storage: 16 GB Internal Memory

Processor: 1.4 GHz Snapdragon Single Core

More info at Windows Phone



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3 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 900

  1. Hello all, I am thinking of updating my mobile phone and was looking at this one My nokia is able to set lots of alarms in one go but many phones don’t have the ability to do this . Does anybody reading this know if this nokia lumia has the ability to set multiple alarms at the same time? If it can then is there a certain number? Thank you for information as I really love this handset but need the multiple alarm. My job depends on it…

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