How to open a DAT File

 Troubleshoot and Fix your Problems Fast!

Difficulty: Easy        Time: Little to None

In order to open a DAT file, follow these steps.

  1. Log in into your PC.
  2. Locate the folder where the DAT File resides. ( the DAT File  usually looks like plain paper, as shown below.) image
  3. Right-Click the DAT file. Navigate to Properties, as shown.image
  4. Click Change.image
  5. Select Notepad from the listed programs in either Recommended Programs and Other Programs. Click OK, as shown.image
  6. Windows will now revert back to the DAT’s Properties dialog. Click Apply to save your changes. Note that Notepad is now shown as the program of choice.image
  7. Select and Open the DAT file.
  8. The DAT file will now open in Notepad. Please be mindful that changing the contents of a DAT file could be harmful to your computer. Only edit when sure.



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