How to Open a ZIP File in Windows

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What You Will Need:

hardware_Z380_page                         image 

In order to open a ZIP file, follow these steps.

  Steps for Windows 7 users

  1. Log in into your Windows 7 PC. 
  2. Locate the folder where the ZIP File resides. ( the ZIP File looks like a folder with a zipper, as shown below.)
  3. Select and open the ZIP upload
  4. Click Extract all Files in the upper left hand.image
  5. Windows will now prompt for a Destination to Extract. To extract the files to the same folder, Click Extract. To extract to a different location, select a new location by Clicking Browse and then Extract.    image
  6. Your files have been extracted and opened into a regular folder. That regular file folder will have the same name as the ZIP File from which it was extracted.



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