How to Upload Photos to a Facebook Photo Album

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In order to upload photos to a Facebook photo album , follow these steps.

     1.  Log in into your Facebook

     2.   Select Photos from the menu

     3.   Select the desired Photo Album(the album glows blue when selected)


    4.    In the Photo Album, navigate to Add Photos button  in the top right hand corner, as shown.

how to upload facebook pictures to an album

   5.  Facebook will now prompt you to choose a Picture to Upload. Select Picture and click Open.


       6.   Facebook will now show an Upload Page. The selected Picture is shown. Select High Quality if desired. Now Click on the Post Photos button to upload the photo to the selected albumimage

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One thought on “How to Upload Photos to a Facebook Photo Album

  1. Photo uploading is an easy way to save space on your computer hard drive and share your photos worldwide. There are many web sites to choose from and they range from easy to use for the general public to sites that require a more technical knowledge. Most of the online sites require a specific file format such as JPEG (.jpg, ,jpeg, or .jpe) so make sure you know the correct format your photos need to be in so you can upload them properly. If they are in a different format than requested, most of the time, they can be converted to the correct format by using software such as adobe Photoshop, Corelpaintshop pro, and Photodeluxe.

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