SkyDrive: Wave 5 ( Comprehensive Review)

We also reviewed Wave 4 of SkyDrive…

Performance: image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22 (improvement of 1 star from previous)

Features: image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22( an improvement of 2 stars from previous)

Security:image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22( same value as previous)

Exclusive Premier Microsoft Review

SkyDrive photosHere it is. The latest build, the long-awaited Wave 5 of Microsoft SkyDrive. So, you’ve come for the verdict on Microsoft’s latest cloud-storage hosting service. The team at Premier Microsoft had a blast capturing screenshots of the beautiful UI and richly integrated navigation. Simply amazing. In this exclusive and exhaustive review, we will give you plenty of screenshots and give you the final word… Does SkyDrive Wave 5 really live to the hype…


SkyDrive photosIt’s hard to argue that SkyDrive is nothing less than snappy…all actions work quickly and with little delay…from writing a caption to creating a new document, Microsoft SkyDrive is all about performance.

Lost connections

In case of a lost internet connection, all tasks are suspended within the browser… and all data is securely cached…SkyDrive error

A lost internet connection… no problem… SkyDrive will identify which specific files are getting problems. skydrive article

The “Retry” option is also shown to retry specific files… or if you know the problem is resolved, the “Retry All” option allows all the uploads to resume.


File-name collisions

SkyDrive replace both

SkyDrive will notify you that the a file with that name is already present in your Docs… then, SkyDrive will kindly help you with your dilemma: Replace the existing with the newly-uploaded or Keep both files.Amazing. Smart. and Effort-less. Just one powerful feature of SkyDrive.

Sharing and posting

Before hand, you had to go through quirky dialogs and confusing steps to share items with your bros. The new wave of SkyDrive smooths out the process with a streamlined and clear UI.

skydrive new wavew7

It’s easier than ever to get public, a view-only, or a view-edit link. From there copy that link and share with your friends…

Want to share the doc or pic with all your folks on the social… simply, select a social service and Facebook Share, Tweet, or LinkedIn share to your heart’s content.

skydrive new wave9

Uploading docs/photos

In wave 4 of SkyDrive, life was also nice. Back then, you installed the Silverlight plugin, refreshed the browser, and were all set… in wave 5, Microsoft has integrated the uploading process natively into SkyDrive’s web code… no Silverlight required.

SkyDrive new file

The overall progress bar ( not to be confused with Wave 4’s individual bar) is a nice touch… but the greatest praise comes from the minimalist UI… you can easily minimize the Uploading Dialog, and let SkyDrive do the uploading while you take care of other important things.

skydrive article 4

Creating docs

Once again, Microsoft has done something good, better… creating documents is as easy as tapping the “Create” icon, typing in the name of your file, and then clicking “Create” on the prompt( as shown below) …easy, simple, beautiful.

skydrive new wav4

Right-click functionality

SkyDrive right-clickThe ads say: “You know can right-click like a pro…” well, that’s actually true… this functionality was actually very missed and our team was very glad to have it back. Easily right-click files and folders, revealing a handful nifty options…works like a charm!

Moving files

Moving files is now easy as 1,2,3. Right-click on the file to be moved and select “Move To”

skydrive move to

Arranging photos

skydrive arrange photos3

Creating a folder

Creating folders can now be done entirely within the same page… after clicking the “New Folder”, add a title to the folder as shown below… once again, as simple as can be… Microsoft deserves some kudos for the improvement.

skydrive new wave5


SkyDrive has revamped its security…Microsoft has made its file-storage service as secure and robust as can be…

SkyDrive and its parent website…Windows Live… will now advise users of protecting their Live ID passwords as they proceed to exist the Live services.

windows live protect

SkyDrive also gives you a good picture of your Password security before you even hand your precious data to the good folks at Microsoft…


SkyDrive has to make sure you are actually a human…another great example of protecting your data from botnets and hackers.


Overall: image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22image_thumb22

Excellent. There is nothing bad about this release of SkyDrive…simple controls, things work speedily and as expected, plenty of functionality, and simplicity for those who need to in and get out back to their lives. Visit:


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