Windows 8 and Mobile Networks

We live in a mobile age… try to deny that to the iPhone-wielding tech wiz or the gotta-stay-in-contact BlackBerry fan. As much we PC guys hate to admit, personal computing is heading to more mobile waters… in a scary and exciting way, our PCs are growing smart-phone guts and and sizing down into friendlier more portable form factors… Windows 8 is leading that mobile charge…as the tech industry takes a dive into the mobile arena, Microsoft’s latest operating system is charging first into the water.

Reducing connection time

Connecting between networks was a hassle… ….

Do me a favor. Open ( or activate if already opened) your laptop. Disconnect from a Network. Then reattempt to connect again. If the reconnecting process took you less than 30 seconds, then you did pretty well…It’s funny to think that such a commonly-used feature would be so painstaking and laborious…yet…Microsoft heard users’ pleas and has implemented a robust and extremely fast connection time for Windows 8

mobile broadband connections

Some people have begged the question… wouldn’t it be great if computers could instantly connect with an AT&T or a Verizon Network…well…. it was possible in theory, but the practice was nothing short of horrendous…Enter Windows 8.

Networks / Mobile broadband / AT&T (Connected icon)/ Sprint / Verizon / Wi-Fi / Anders Home (icon: signal strength good) / Public Hotspot (icon: signal strength good, but network insecure)/ Other Network (icon: signal strength good)

Microsoft’s latest OS will make the news with this exciting new feature… native support for all major broadband networks including AT&T, Vodaphone, Verizon, etc. Coupled with this fact is the connection speed with which Windows 8 ties the knot of love between your PC and the broadband network… in some cases even faster than Wi-Fi!



Well that’s great news…huh? Well, not great news if you are paying for the network out of the scanty greens of your pocket. Because time and data usage play critical roles in the amount spent for the data usage, Windows 8 will track down any and all data usage information… then it will wrap up in a cute little App and give you the true colors on your monthly bill.

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