Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone takes Top Honors


No other phone defines perfection, elegance, and performance. The specs do all the talking- ClearBlack display, gorgeous Gorilla Glass, snappy 1.4 GHz processor, and a sexy polycarbonate unibody that makes you gag at the beauty of this phone. Oh… and we forgot to mention the LED-flash Carl Zeiss 8MP camera optics and impressive 1MP front-facing camera…The result… the ultimate smartphone ever built….sleek, beautiful, gorgeous… and …. The Lumia keeps the beauty by not cheating on size, sporting a 4.3 in display that leaves Android and iPhone users in amazement. The phone can easily put out 720p video , battery is built for power in mind, and the AMOLED screen just screams out beauty…However beauty is nothing without brawn… the 900 hardly disappoints, powered by the all-new Windows Phone 7.5 OS. Microsoft’s latest build of Windows Phone allows multi-tasking and better performance.

Critics agree, citing the Lumia’s curvaceous appearance and gorgeous OS to back their statements.

Cnet editors call the 900: “The Windows Phone to beat..”

pcMag says: “a touch of that standout charm, which says that this isn’t just any other phone.”

pcWorld says : The Nokia Lumia 900 is the Windows Phone [we’ve] been waiting for.

You can now purchase the Nokia Lumia 900 for $99 . Learn more…


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