How Halo carried the Xbox to Success

imageWe’re not going to lie to you. In fact, we will be the first people to notify that a game sucks, regardless if Microsoft, Apple, or Fisher Price made it…. Halo is simply a fantastic game and the most riveting series I have seen in years. Yet as fantastic as Halo is, an even bigger Microsoft success owes Master Chief some props. And  no. We are not talking about Windows, Office, or Zune…as great as those stories are. Ladies and gentlemen, Xbox owes it’s life to Halo. Master Chief and his pals contributed success to Xbox in nearly every possible way. Had not the Covenant invaded and attacked the UNSC, Xbox would be  a no-show. Count on it…and (lest you think we make claims without proof) …here’s why.

  1. imageBungie’s Combat Evolved had “Multiplayer” as a game menu option… but far from this actually working.  I mean…who would ever want to play real-time with thousands of people online?  Then along came Halo 2 with real Multiplayer ( something as unheard of as the Wii U in 2010). Fast-forward to 2005 , Microsoft releases Xbox LIVE, a revolutionary multiplayer breakthrough for Xbox. Who do the Xbox master minds owe LIVE’s incredible success…. Master Chief… after all, it was Halo who popularized the brand new idea of Multiplayer.
  2. imageBack-track to the first Halo….yeah… Master Chief, the Halo, the amazing story….Now if you remember correctly the game was released in 2001. Hmmm… 2001 should ring a bell…that was the momentous release of Xbox (First Gen.) Obviously, the Xbox was a big hit….why?….. Halo was the award-winning launch title that attracted millions of Halo fans to the brand new Xbox console. Not to mention it’s exclusivity made Halo on Xbox the ultimate “killer app.” Experts and gamers alike all agree that the success of a console depends on “killer apps”, exclusive games that win gamers to the console in mass. Make no mistake about it…Halo is that Killer app that has ensured the success of Xbox for years to come.
  3. Third and finally, the series success brought the popularity of First Person Shooters full circle on the Xbox. Appropriately, Xbox game sales are nearly entirely generated on First Person Shooters (FPS). According to a Joystiq report, nearly 20% of shooters are played on the Xbox 360. Black Ops was the most popular game on Xbox LIVE with some 5.9 hours of multiplayer gameplay. In short, the FPS is synonymous with Xbox and is entirely due to Halo franchise. Halo was the first FPS on Xbox, introducing Xbox’s capability to handle FPS with surprising flair. Gamers worldwide were given the Halo treat on Xbox…when new FPS titles started hitting shelves, they stuck to the console and made Xbox home to their FPS games.
  4. Halo will continue to carry Xbox to greater success. It did when Master Chief came to life. It did when the Covenant invaded Reach. And it will continue to do so as the Halo Saga develops. Make no mistake about it. Halo fuels Xbox.


Let me not forget: Merry Christmas 2011


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