How Smart is Bing?

imageForget it! Leave behind all your foolish perceptions on Bing… Microsoft’s search engine is no wimpy kid, harboring the power of search while spewing forth relevant answers…it’s technology meets functionality.image

Gone are the days of idiotic blue links navigating an endless sea of dead-ends. Instant answers are what gives Bing it’s IQ.


Bing is a bright student… intelligently analyzing your query and suggesting for what your possibly trying to say… For instance, Bing includes the results for a “price” query because cost is commonly misspelled as “cos”. Bing also gives me an instant search for my original query for “what is the cos(cosine) of 145” and normal web results … image

imageMicrosoft’s engine also does the famous dictionary quite well. Bing scans the query and displays a instant Definition if the query contains “what does { } mean” or “what is { }” . Bing also pronounces each word.


imageTake a look at this scenario: a user searches “Skype” on Bing. Microsoft’s search engine not only delivers the official website ( as is usual) but it throws in Quick Links ( Blue Links) and Quick Access features such as Searching within Skype.

Enterprise folks are not left behind: Search for a company’s stock initials and Bing churns its innovative web slice; Share your opinion on Facebook as well


So , how smart is Bing??? Very smart. Very. Very. smart. Why? That calculation below just happens to be a complex conversion problem that you wouldn’t want to do yourself! You have Bing.



All Screenshots were taken by Premier Microsoft . Bing is a proprietary search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation.


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