Windows 8 Runtime Memory: Run More for Less

Fast, fast,fast…everybody loves fast Operating Systems that translate into a smooth computing experience. One of the principal measures of computer performance is runtime memory… the higher the runtime memory the worse your experience.    Windows 8 really does the trick… running nearly half the memory than an exact counterpart running Windows 7.

It’s important to remember how demanding applications are, demanding more and more memory as the application runs. Everybody would agree that it is critical to have smart- memory computers….Windows 8 goes a long way to fulfill that dream.


In this Windows 7 Processes Screenshots, notice how demanding Windows Explorer is , nearly taking 50,000 kilobytes of memory. Other applications tell the same story, engulfing OS resources and decreasing PC performance.

But here’s the catch: Windows 8 runs just as well on less memory.

Steven Sinofsky in Building Windows 8 Blog

“Windows 8 has a better scheme for the prioritization of memory allocations made by applications and system components. This means that Windows can make better decisions about what memory to keep around and what memory to remove sooner.”

Windows 7image                                                                  Windows 8

imageBy smartly managing system resources, Windows 8 is able to direct resources to all your demanding applications. Windows 8 intelligently controls runtime memory… this allows all your programs to perform faster and with more stability.

Windows 8 will intelligently prioritize memory, combine memory, intelligently allocate and intelligently pause memory when it’s not been used or needed.

Thus, it’s not hard to see the end of the story: Windows 8 will run marvelously on very low-end computers by reducing the memory strain on cheaper systems. imageThis way, the OS will operate fluidly while still managing your demanding applications.


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