IE10 Brings the Goods

Microsoft is definitely coming out with many new ideas and products. From a new version of Windows to developing Windows Live Wave 5, the Software Giant surely is churning new and fresh ideas. Redmond is also coming out with the newest version of Internet Explorer, IE 10.

Internet Explorer 9 has been one of the most streamlined and secure web browsers Microsoft has released yet.

Capture2 IE 9 has much more support for modern web standards that Internet Explorer 8 did not have. IE 9 also has much more security features than IE 8. A download manager is also included.

The search bar and address bar were also combined in IE 9 creating a more streamlined interface. It is also only available on Windows Vista and Windows 7; it’s only fault is that  it doesn’t support Windows XP.ie9mosaic[1]

Microsoft is not done releasing browsers, not by a long shot, even though it received some of the best reviews for an Internet Explorer version in years. The newest version of Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 10, is expected to be released with Windows 8, which in turn is expected to be released in 2012. Internet Explorer 10 will actually have two interfaces, one similar to IE 9 and another based on the Metro design ( as seen above), a design language developed by Microsoft. The Metro version will allow Metro apps in Windows 8 run on the browser. The interface based on the traditional IE interface (seen below) will allow plug-ins, while the Metro interface will not.


The developer preview of IE 10 has been released since September 13.

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One thought on “IE10 Brings the Goods

  1. I’m still wondering how Microsoft will consolidate the IE10 experience… by having two interfaces that would seem to bring confusion to a user, while a more experienced power user might see it as a feature.

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