Windows 8 App Store: An App Store Done Right

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Microsoft delivered it’s latest punch to Apple…and this one hurts big. The Windows 8 maker will now be releasing a huge app portal called- for obvious reasons- the Windows Store. A beautiful full-screen Metro-style panorama will show-case each of the thousands of Windows apps-whether they be Microsoft Office or the latest creation from a dev genius- each app will have a special place in the Windows Store to call home.

Windows Store


Browse by categories, check out the day’s spotlight, or simply search the titles of your favorite app. Each app, whether it be for classic desktop or the new Metro UI, will have ample detail, sample pictures, clearly-shown price, and more info. The difference…. the app submittal will be anti-Apple. Forget the grueling submittal, filled with a long waiting period followed by testing, and who-knows-what-happened-to-my-app frustration.

The Windows Store will show you exactly where your App is in the process- making it painstakingly clear, where your creation is headed and the next step that follows.In addition, all Apps will be displayed in the Store- does not matter what kind or type…if it is a Windows Application/App, Microsoft will freely bestow you with your App promotion on the Store- absolutely no fees….what an Apple punch. Microsoft’s attack was long overdue, but satisfactorily executed.Mail Us Mail Your Comments

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