3 Things you don’t know about Windows 8

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In all the information spewed forth about Windows 8…there were a few things left untouched by Microsoft executives. Windows has evolved so much, that it is hard to think that a decade ago, everything from a Dialog Box to an Error Message was as ugly as sin and as unfriendly as could be.

But to this day, the display of Error and Failure messages is difference between somebody sticking or dishing an OS. Friendliness is a key factor in an OS.

File:Windows XP Blue Screen of Death (PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA).svg

The Software Giant sure got friendly. Wanting to redeem the notorious  past , Windows 8 chunks out all those stupid Black and Blue Screens. Microsoft is also improving on how a user resets their PC and how they fix critical errors. These three gems are not only a welcome addition long overdue, but surprises to say the least….even for Windows 8….

The “Frowny” Screen of Death: Something went Wrong


Yep. No joke… the above screen will flash on Windows 8 PCs and tablets when the system malfunctions. Hmmmm…I’ll leave the “frown”to the comments…but applaud the “friendliness factor”…. No?

Debugging your Windows 8 system is as easy as “Click”


Yes. As simple as it sounds, simply click refresh, and your Windows 8 system is churning smoothly as if nothing ever happened. All PC settings are reset to their defaults and your files remain intact!

Automatically Repair Errors: Simple Instructions to Follow

With Windows 8, “going back” literally fixes your PC. Automatic repair, system image recovery, and system restore, are powerful tools that fix any critical errors.


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    • Thanks for your comments…Windows 8 is certainly an exciting topic
      The team here at Premier Microsoft does our best to report all things truthfully…

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