Windows 8: Spectacularly Unveiled

The moment came….and went. Mere minutes into the keynote Sinofsky, President of the Windows Live Division, got right down to business, spouting information by the dozens. The man in charge of Windows 8, opened up the keynote with a quick overview of where Windows is headed.


Forget the Windows 7 days of old : those 15 second booting nightmares and groggy startup speeds are now long gone. In comes Microsoft latest addition to the Windows legacy….booting in tablets around 15 seconds and in laptops at 10 seconds, Windows 8 will be all-around fast, a ready companion to all our tasks and needs.

Windows 8 is simply spectacular; as biased as we may seem, mere screenshots and videos will take little time convincing you of the “awesomeness” to pardon the colloquialism. The Metro interface is all business the range of apps laid out for easy access, easily accessible controls and settings, and powerful customizations that make Windows 8 look just like you want it to. No wonder the excitement….Windows 8 reimagines everything we have come to love( and hate) about Windows.


Then, the action came when Julie-Larson Green, demoed brand-spanking new features of Windows 8. From the customizable Metro UI to the Windows Live Integration and freaking-awesome apps, Green demoed never-before-seen footage that awed and captivated the Anaheim audience….no one said a word….all was deadly quiet.

We guarantee the videos will either bring awe and still silence in light of the Windows 8 accomplishment, Microsoft has ample argument for their long-awaited entry into the tablet market.

Watch the Keynotes at Build!


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