Windows 8: Boots Heck Fast

There were rumors that Windows 8 would roar to life in less than 10 seconds. Others predicted that Microsoft’s next OS would simply match Windows 7 booting- yet nobody was ready for the shocking reality….

Yep… no demo was playing…genuine Windows 8 code was speeding the boot time process to an unbelievable 10 seconds.

Whatever happened to the Windows 7 nightmare-style 20 second boot up? It’s gone! How ? Steven Sinofsky, President of the Windows Division the elaborated the technical reasons behind Windows 8 hybrid booting beating the old Windows 7 boot.

Here is the short version: Windows 8 beats Windows 7 boot time by cutting out all unnecessary boot animation. When users hit the power button, they are greeted by a seamless experience where both firmware and operating system initialize. Advanced users won’t be disappointed- Microsoft’s latest operating system will allow Boot to Device, Dual Booting and many other advanced booting functionality…. all packaged in streamlined Metro-esque wrapping paper. Wow. The speed of Windows 8.Advanced options screen. Option 1: System Restore. Option 2: System Image Recovery. Option 3 Automatic repair. Option 4: Command prompt


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2 thoughts on “Windows 8: Boots Heck Fast

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